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our story

Travel transforms us. Through the feeling we get when we go somewhere, see something, or step into a place that we’ve never experienced before. New sights, sounds, smells, and tastes have a way of shaking us from our everyday existence, making us feel more ourselves. More alive somehow. It’s a sort of freedom that comes from the confusion of losing our routine mooring in the world.

Centraal Station

in Amsterdam is where we’ve arrived. We step out of the terminal and into a city dripping with history, teeming with life, and full of possibility. Global cuisines clash in storefronts along the narrow, bike-filled streets. Ideas are exchanged, culture is remixed, and every new day brings new possibilities. Drinks are poured, stories are shared, and new friendships are forged in bustling streetside cafés both grand and quaint.

We celebrate this vibrant place with one foot in the past and the other planted firmly in the modern world. Somehow it all works in this unique grand café reminiscent of those you’ll find in the train stations throughout Europe, filled with other travelers seeking the very thing we’re chasing.

An overhead shot of two brunch dishes and coffee on the table

Our Menu

features an eclectic array of influences inspired by Amsterdam’s food culture—from traditional street foods like friets and olliebollen, to global favorites and classic café fare. Whether it’s a quick snack, lunch, dinner—or our brunch that we serve up every dang day—our scratch-made menu has something for every hungry traveler.

The Tappery

showcases a curated collection of over seventy unique beverages—all on tap. From bier to wine, coffee to craft soda, cocktails to cider, and everything in between—you’ll surely find something to savor on this fun, unpredictable, and nonconforming tap lineup.